The pandemic has accelerated many changes already underway in the world of restaurants. One of these is the implementation of digital technology wherever possible. From booking a table to browsing menus and taking orders, there are a few areas of the restaurant customer experience where technology can help to make things better. This article will cover a few of the places where restaurant owners can improve things for their team and customers through the use of technology.

Taking Orders

The paper order pad should be a thing of the past in most restaurants. It’s a slow way of getting information to the kitchen and leaves plenty of room for mistakes, misreadings, and other errors. That’s why many restaurants now use phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to take orders from their customers.

Naturally, many business owners setting up their first restaurant are worried that this type of technology could significantly add to their start-up costs. Thankfully, there are ways of reducing this, such as buying a refurbished Apple iphone and asking staff to share it when taking orders. This approach allows restaurants to enjoy the benefits of digital ordering without having to spend a significant amount of money on electronic devices before they have even opened.

Browsing the Menu

The coronavirus pandemic kickstarted the use of digital menus in many restaurants around the world, but some establishments are yet to fully harness the potential of digital menus. For instance, there is the possibility of offering far more details about the food. This could come in the form of nutritional information, reviews from other guests or suggestions of sides and wine pairings that could be ordered alongside a particular dish. All of this will not only give a better experience to your guest but offers the chance for restaurants to upsell a higher margin product alongside the one that they are already offering.

Bringing technology into your restaurant should be all about improving the experience of your guests and your staff. A little time planning exactly how you will use your tech before you start to buy it will make a significant difference.